Issue 1 : Fall 2010

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What is AfroBeat?

by Cheryl Sterling

AfroBeat Journal is a multimedia, interactive journal dedicated to the cultural and artistic expressions of African-descended people. Our goal is to facilitate the discussion between scholars, artists in all media, savants, believers, and fans about African and African Diaspora cultural forms, and to publish original content from all these vectors. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute...

The Conversation Series & Odes To The Mountains Of Jamaica

by Jacqueline Bishop

A few years before she died, I went to visit my Great Grandmother. She was very old and frail by then, which, in a weird kind of way surprised me for while she had always been old to me...

Mamie's Mirrors

by Pamela Booker

Excerpts from Chapt. 2 of the novel-in-progress: Mamie’s Mirrors by Pamela S. Booker. Used by permission of the author ©2010. More...


Wunmi - Afrobeat: Life, Music, Politics & Art

by AfrobeatRadio

Wunmi's video and interview allows us to see what makes her the new high priestess of Afrobeat. More...

Fela! High Priest of Afrobeat

by Afrobeat Radio

Listen to the story of Fela's life, times, art, and politics and hear what made him the "Black President."  Interviewed in this segment are authors and scholars Vivian Goldman, Cheryl Odim Johnson, and Michael Veil. 20 minutes of the soon to be released two hour documentary.


Meera's Jazz Series

by Meera Dugal

Image 128


Fela Forever

by Enid Farber

Enjoy Farber's visual chronicle of Fela's life in performance.


Fela! on Broadway

by FelaMusical

If you haven't seen it yet, you must see Fela! on Broadway. And, if you have, well nash is a wonderful material!



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