Issue 1 : Fall 2010

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  • Pamela Booker

Pamela Booker

Who is Pamela S. Booker?

Pamela S. Booker is an interdisciplinary writer, educator and photographer/visual conceptualist who works in the traditions of artist and scholar. Her writings have been published and performed in the United States and internationally, and cross disciplines in the creation of performance texts, essays, fiction, and multimedia projects. Recent publications include: ART's Buoyant Felicity: an anthology of Art/Creativity/Healing (Lickle 9 Press 2010), Bits of the Sacred, a hybrid chapbook (2009) and Dust: murmurs and a play, (Evolutionary Girls 2008) a collection of essays and the play text Dust, that examine global terror, love and healing in the aftermath of 9-11. Works in progress include: Sacred/Pretty/Smart, a new book that explores the relationship between creativity and sacred practices and the novel, Mamie's Mirrors. Currently she teaches creative and critical writing at New York University and Goddard College, VT.

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