Issue 1 : Fall 2010

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  • Kyra D. Gaunt

Kyra Gaunt

Who is Kyra Gaunt?

Kyra D. Gaunt, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of cultural anthropology and black music studies at Baruch College-CUNY. Her book The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-Dutch to Hip-hop (NYU Press 2006) won the 2007 Merriam Prize for the most outstanding book in the field of ethnomusicology given by the Society for Ethnomusicology. Selected as one of 40 fellows from around the world to attend the prestigious TED 2009 Conference, "the ultimate brain spa," Kyra presented her new project "Racism as a Resource (Agree to be Offended)." TED serves as a forum for "thinkers and doers" to share what they are passionate about. Visit

Gaunt lectures nationally and internationally voicing transformations of race, gender and generation through song, scholarship and social media. As a consultant for PBS's Emmy-winning Between the Lions and appeared in the PBS documentary Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice (2005) among other documentaries, she spreads messages that matter beyond the classroom. She is a performer and recording artist in New York City and her CD Be the True Revolution is available on cdbaby and iTunes. On a lighter note, Kyra is a long-time fan of the Young and the Restless and follow her project Racism as a Resource (for being Courageous and Compassionate).

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