Issue 1 : Fall 2010

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  • Derek Pardue

Derek Pardue

Who is Derek Pardue?

Derek Pardue is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and International Area Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. He has written the seminal work on Brazilian hip hop, Ideologies of Marginality in Brazilian Hip Hop and is the editor of the volume Ruminations on Violence. He has authored articles related to Brazilian hip hop and education, race and graphic design. In addition, Dr. Pardue has published text on Brazilian soccer and casual restaurant design in the United States.

He is currently beginning a new project on "creole citizenship" among youth in Lisbon, Portugal and Cape Verde. His interests include ethnomusicology and race, graphic design, sociology of sports, restaurant design, and city life. His ethnography, Ideologies of Marginality in Brazilian Hip Hop, and edited volume, Ruminations on Violence were published in 2008

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