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AfroBeat Journal is an interactive, on-line journal that will link the scholarly and creative output of intellectuals and artists in the global African world. There are many journals that focus on the scholarship of Africans and those in the Diaspora, yet there is a visible lacuna in an on-line presence and also in the format envisioned. The journal seeks to encourage cross-cultural dialogues, as it provides a forum for such dialogues to take place.  Its aim is to provide a cultural on-line forum for intellectual and creative publication of knowledge from scholars, writers, musicians, and other artists using language and media immediately accessible to the global community. 
The journal will work in tandem with the New York Afro-Beat Festival (NYAF) to generate meaningful creative content from musicians and artists. It will send open calls through on-line databases for scholarly papers and creative writings. To give coherence to the diversity of expressions that AfroBeat Journal can enable, its two annual publications will be devoted to a specific theme.  The first journal is published under the question, "What is AfroBeat?" Since the journal will encourage submissions that cross the divide between critical discourse and artistic creativity, it will also encourage submissions of poetry, prose, visual, and musical texts to generate its multimedia, intertextual dialogue. Furthermore, it will have a cross section of editors from various academic fields to enhance its multidimensional scope, scholarly bent, and global reception.


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CHERYL STERLING, Ph.D., is the co-founder and editor of AfroBeat Journal. She received her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the Department of African Languages and Literature. She currently teaches African and African Diaspora studies in the Global Liberal Studies Program at New York University. She has published extensively in the areas of African Literature, Media and Culture, Post-Colonial theory and its application in the African Diaspora. Cheryl has received numerous research fellowships and is currently a Fulbright Scholar in Salvador, Brazil. She is finishing a book on aestheticizing Yoruba based traditions in Brazil entitled, "African Roots, Brazilian Rites: Dialogues on Africanness and Blackness in Afro-Brazilian Identity."


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WUYI JACOBS is Founder & Executive Director of NY Afrobeat Festival, Inc., a nonprofit global multimedia African network consisting of, AfrobeatRadio.Net and; executive producer, co-host of AfrobeatRadio a bi-weekly African Affairs, News and music Program on WBAI, New York - PACIFICA Radio Network (99.5FM NYC); documentarian, archivist and educator. Wuyi has a BA in English and an MS in Management and Urban Policy from the New School University. He has worked in the not-for-profit arena providing consulting services in Information Technology for over a decade.





OYABADE DOSUNMU holds a PhD in ethnomusicology and a graduate certificate in Africana studies from the University of Pittsburgh. His current research chronicles afrobeat’s transnational networks, and discusses processes of stylistic, ideological and cultural affiliation that have shaped such networks. He has delivered papers at various conferences in the United States, Europe and Nigeria, and contributed to academic and non-academic publications. He teaches at the University of Pittsburgh. Oyebade Dosunmu is senior editor of Afrobeat Journal.


Jacqueline Bishop

Jacqueline Bishop




Jacqueline Bishop is the author of five books, most recently Snapshots from Istanbul (Peepal Tree Press.) She is also an accomplished visual artist with recent exhibitions in Italy and Belgium. Ms. Bishop was a 2008-2009 Fulbright scholar to Morocco and is the 2009-2010 UNESCO/Fulbright Fellow. She is a full time Master Teacher in the Liberal Studies Program at New York University. She also created and edited the Caribbean Literature and Arts journal, Calabash. Jacqueline Bishop is guest editor of Afrobeat Journal.

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