Issue 1 : Fall 2010

Submission Policy

AfroBeat Journal is an interactive, multimedia, peer reviewed, non-academically geared journal of the Arts. We seek to publish in all areas of the creative spectrum. Scholarly articles are solicited for our “Feature Articles” section, but they should be no more than 300O words, minus academic jargon, and using the current MLA citation style. All artistic work must be original. We welcome work from established and new artists for our poetry, prose and multimedia sections.

If submitting a previously published work, the artist must obtain copyright permission for the publication. Multimedia submissions may be in the form of a .jpeg, MP3, MP4, imbedded video, or video clips. We also welcome submissions in other languages (limitations may be imposed due to our editorial capacity and will be decided on an individual basis). AfroBeat Journal will not translate submissions; the author must submit a translation into the language desired. All submissions must be accompanied by a picture of the artist, a brief biography, and a willingness by the artist to blog about the work.


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