Issue 2 : Spring 2011

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  • Keisha-Gaye Anderson

    Keisha-Gaye Anderson is a poet, fiction writer, journalist, and screenwriter, who was named a 2010 Fellow by the North Country Institute for Writers of Color. She is a founding poet with Poets for Ayiti, a collective of artists from diverse...




She thought she was a Lady

on all those caffeine mornings

of sucking in and pressing out

and force-fitting overlaid ideals

onto youthful expectations.

But she was only female,

in the front of her mind, at least,

born of a long line of females

long stripped of the right to adornment

and male admiration

without conflagration in the pews

and the stigma of being an elixir

strong enough to wake the cadavers.

It's your fault they take you…

you are too much of yourselves,

honey hips, the shape of life,

telling lips that could expose the whole irony

of this thing they call reality

and hum the puzzle pieces into place

for all to see,

turn the game on its head,

make them cease to be

those canopies painted like heaven,

held up by her hands,

blocking out the true light—

punishment for being

what they were not—

and keeping her swimming

in a fantasy of femininity.

But lies only borrow breath

because memory is the ocean of the infinite

that swallows convention

and is older than her reflection,

so when full recognition comes back

there is only that.

Just the truth

and sound of laughter

because she will know then

that she was always a Woman.

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Great work
hgfilms [AT] aol [DOT] com
Wonderful poem!

Keisha's poem
bigapplepoetpam [AT] aol [DOT] com
It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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