With the emergence of sports and the creative industries as powerful engines of growth, the AfriCaribbean Diaspora Alliance, an alliance of companies dedicated to promoting trade, investment and shared prosperity among Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States is organizing a symposium that will explore the dynamic intersection of sports, culture and the business of sports to drive growth, job creation, and economic prosperity in the two regions. See Press Release.

Guest: Leila Ndiaye, Executive Chair of the AfriCaribbean Diaspora Alliance joins AfrobeatRadio to discuss the subject and Symposium.

Leila Ndiaye participates in shaping and operating business strategies. She is also responsible for monitoring and ensuring effective relationships with the public and private sectors. With over 20 years of experience as an African affairs expert and accomplished senior policy and business strategist, Leila has a proven track record in policy design and implementation at the highest level of African governments and the private sector. Read more


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