African Perspective On Global Issues

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DATE: Weds May 22, 2024


Wuyi Jacobs

Akenataa Hammagaadji


Dennis Kabatto

Guest 1:
International African Arts Festival (IAAF) Segun Shabaka

Segun Shabaka is a Brooklyn-based educator, activist, and writer. He is the Chairperson of the International African Arts Festival, Brooklyn (1971-2015). He is also a Ph.D. holder and has a strong background in African and African American history, culture, and language.

Guest 2:
Bakare Mubarak is a young enigmatic new millennial recently inducted among the list of global top 100 under 40 Most Influential People of African Descent , an inevitable justification of his incredible achievement from feats in fashion industry, international engagements, ambassadorial representations, ecotourism projects and several other national and intercontinental programs from where he gained global recognition.

Guest 3:


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